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The idea for Nutritious Gifts started after a friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer. We searched online for the right gift to send him, but we were disappointed to only find the typical options of flowers, candy or highly processed foods.

As health professionals with knowledge about the power of healthy eating, we wanted something more, something that would actually help him along on his new health journey.

So, we went to the grocery store and hand-selected specific food items with his health condition in mind and created our first gift box.  

Since then, our mission with Nutritious Gifts has been to create specific gift packages to send loved ones with particular health conditions such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

We strive to select products that are practical and evidence-based for whichever health condition your loved one may have. Additionally, we seek vendors who take great pride in their food products and use only whole foods and natural ingredients.


Get to know the Owner

Rebecca is a registered dietitian (R.D.) that practices a whole-food, non-processed food approach to eating. She believes in the power of healthy eating, and that a balanced diet is the key to a long life. However, she is also a foodie who is not shy about eating things we love, including the occasional donut!

Our Mission

Establish healthy eating habits

We offer easy tips in every box to kickstart your health journey. Small steps lead to amazing results.

Educate individuals on diet specific foods

We provide information on each food item in the box and what health benefits it can do for you. 

Promote health and wellness

We include hand-selected, wholesome and nutritious foods to help promote a healthy diet. 

Support individuals in their health journey

Your health is a continuous journey. We offer additional support via nutrition resources, tips, and referral source for on-going support.

healthy gift basket
Healthy Gift basket

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