Healthy Gift Boxes

Each Nutritious Gift is designed for a specific health condition. Each box contains hand-selected, healthy and nutritious food items from companies across the country. Most items are curated from small, local businesses, while others come from larger companies. We partner with companies that value quality ingredients made without chemicals or preservatives and that are good for our health.

We are proud to partner with the follow brands.

green tea gift

Flying Bird Botanicals make hand-crafted, artisan and nourishing tea blends in Bellingham, Washington. All tea blends are made from high quality, organic farms found in the United States and around the world.

Tea is more than a delicious taste of herbs and spices – it’s a nutritional powerhouse offering numerous health benefits. Whether you love white, green, or black tea, each type has a reputation for health and wellness. For example, studies have shown green tea to be the quintessential tea and regarded as one of the healthiest beverages on Earth. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants which studies have shown increase the rate of metabolism and reduces the risk of certain cancers. Green tea is a healthy and hydrating choice.

TIP: Choose high quality tea leaves as lower quality brands may have excessive amounts of fluoride.

healthy nutrition bars

Lara bars are made with few, whole, and natural ingredients, blended together to create one delicious nutrition bar. A simple blend of fruit and veggies, nuts, and spices will provide good nutrition for any on-the-go occasion or outdoor activity.

TIP #1: Nutrition bars are not recommended as meal replacements. We recommend eating nutrition bars sparingly.

healthy peanut butter

Crazy Richard’s peanut butter has been making peanut butter the correct way for years – since 1893! The ingredient list only one ingredient- that’s peanuts! This brand was voted as the #1 rated best peanut butter by TODAY. Real peanut butter has natural oils, we recommend storing this brand in the refrigerator to make it easier to spread.

TIP #1: Add peanut butter to smoothies or sandwiches. Or, even dip your favorite fruit or vegetables in the creamy peanut butter for a high protein snack. 

TIP #2: When purchasing peanut butter, aim for 2 or less ingredients.

healthy olive oil

Boston Olive Oil strives for the best and freshest extra virgin olive oil. The olives are grown and pressed by small artisans and farmers from around the world. All olive oils are 100% extra virgin, unfiltered, and settled.

TIP #1: Extra virgin olive oil has a low smoke point and isn’t recommended for high heat cooking. 

TIP #2: Drizzle over salad, cooked veggies, or meat or seafood. Dip with freshly baked bread. 

healthy granola

Locally made in Rhode Island, this hand-crafted, all natural granola is vegan, gluten-free, and free of preservatives and refined sugar. We tasted and tested several brands of granola and Shady Lane Foods rank as our top pick! 

TIP #1: Eat as a snack or add to yogurt or smoothies. Perfect for salads as it adds a nice crunch!

Chili spice

Locally made in Massachusetts, this hand-crafted spice shop is a hit in New England and around the world. Curio Spice Co specializes in directly sourced and sustainably produced spices from around the world. The unique blends add new depths to cooking in the kitchen. 

TIP #1: The Chili Today is a versatile, warm and rich take on traditional chili spice and can be used on veggies, eggs, poultry, and more. 

Locally made in New York, Watermelon Road Snack Co was born out of love for wholesome food, fresh flavors, and an opportunity to provide a healthier snack option that was both delicious and nutritious. Each small batch is prepared by hand. 


Wild Planet Tuna strives to protect our planet while providing healthy, nutritious food. 100% of their tuna is caught one at a time by pole and line and trolling, limiting the amount of by-catch. We have partnered with Wild Planet to provide wild tuna cooked just once in the can. This method retains all of its natural juices plus the Omega 3 fatty acid oils with no added water or oil.

TIP #1: Try either canned or single serve pouch for a rich in omega 3’s and protein-packed meal or snack.

oatmeal gifts

A nutritious blend of whole grains rolled and stoneground organic oats, flax and chia seeds that will satisfy you for hours. We’ve provided the single-serving cup for on-the-go adventures, but feel free to grab a larger bag and share with friends and family.

TIP #1: Whole grain oats are high in protein and fiber, which will help manage blood sugars and keep you full longer.

TIP #2: Spice up your own oatmeal and add cut up fruit, nuts and seeds!

Bamboo Utensils for chemo mouth

Bamboo utensils give plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life – and an opportunity to stay out of our landfills. Made out of RPET (recycled PET plastic), you can re-use these every day.

TIP #1: Patients with cancer may have “chemo mouth.” Non metallic utensils may help alleviate the taste in their mouth by using bamboo utensils.

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